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Ironing Disposable Dinner Napkins

Ironing Disposable Dinner Napkins

Wedding season is just around the corner, which means that brides all over the country are in the thick of wedding planning. We get calls and emails every day with questions about SimuLinen’s disposable dinner napkins. One of the most surprising questions we got a couple of years ago has become one of our most popular questions… “Can SimuLinen napkins be ironed?” At first I was surprised, why would anyone want to iron disposable dinner napkins? They come perfectly folded, in a nice box, ready to be put straight on the table.

However, table-scapes have become hugely popular, especially for formal parties and weddings. We have discovered that there are many times that the napkins’ creases interfere with special napkin folds brides wanted for their table-scapes.

Surprisingly, you can iron SimuLinen’s Disposable Dinner Napkins in a few simple steps.

I also started taking more pictures of our napkins and realized how versatile they are, especially without the fold creases so I tried ironing them. Since our napkins are not a typical disposable paper napkin, they are perfect for ironing. I iron them just like I would a cotton dress shirt.

Lightly spray the napkin with clean water to help get the creases out.

I set my iron temperature to high and I spray my napkin with water, focusing on the creases, to make sure the iron will get the crease out. The most important thing is to make sure that the iron doesn’t stay in one spot too long; as with the cotton dress shirt, leaving the iron in one place too long will cause the napkin to burn.

Set the heat on high but keep the iron moving.

You can always watch the video to see how I iron solid-colored dinner napkins. When I iron napkins with printed designs I do it a little differently as the ink hasn’t saturated the whole napkin, it is just printed on one side. I always put an old, white pillowcase down on the ironing board and put the printed side of the napkin face down on the pillowcase. This way if there is any color bleeding it will not mess up your ironing board or your iron.

You’re pretty shocked that you can iron SimuLinen’s disposable dinner napkins, aren’t you? Let us know if you’ve tried it and why you needed it ironed. We are always looking for new, fun folds!

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