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Five Steps to a Gorgeous Table

Five Steps to a Gorgeous Table

Angela Chantell Interiors
Angela Chantell of Angela Chantell Interiors teaches us how to set a GLAM table in five easy steps.

Is it too late to say, “Happy New Year!!!”??? Probably, because it feels like we should be at least 25% through the year by now, but that’s how January always is, right?

I’ve started working on my goals and priorities for 2020 and am still holding firm to my intentions. I am not always on target but if I keep trying to hit the mark and miss, at least I’m still trying. One of my goals this year is to spend less and at the same time make my home prettier. “How’s that?” you ask? Well let me tell you…

I’m so excited to introduce you to Angela Chantell, of Angela Chantell Interiors is an interior designer I met online, who inspires me to make things prettier. I reached out to her because like me, she’s a girly-girl all the way. She loves all things glam and has great taste but also understands how to keep a budget.

I reached out to Angela Chantell (she goes by her first and middle name, so being a true Southern girl, I knew I’d like her!) and asked her for some tips to set a glam table without the glam price tag. What I love is that she sets her table intentionally and leaves it for a full holiday season. What I REALLY love is that she used the same tablescape for Thanksgiving through New Year which means she doesn’t have to have multiple sets of holiday dishes to store the rest of the year.

She likes to style her table to last for months and she shares her tips with us!

Angela Chantell Interiors Glam Themed Table
Angela Chantell Interiors Glam Table with SimuLinen Dinner Napkins


First, choose the color and theme. This is the very first thing you need to do. It will determine the overall look and feel and will help you keep focused when picking out the dishes and accessories. She chose Modern Glam for this setting. (I LOVE this theme!)

Next, add table runner and linens. Angela Chantell says that the runner is definitely worth a splurge; you want high quality neutrals that are versatile so they can be used for multiple themes and occasions and will last for years to come. When picking out the runner, make sure it’s long enough to hang over the ends of the table. Place it down the center of the table and let it be the foundation of the decor. “The table runner brings a base texture to your table, this is important because we want a mix of textures to create a beautiful pop! Napkins are also a vital part of the table. Cloth napkins are great however changing colors and designs is cost prohibitive. This is where SimuLinen comes in. The napkins are high quality AND disposable! They also have so many different colors and styles that I can change them out whenever I want. Since they are disposable I don’t have to wash, dry, iron or find a place to store them.” For this setting, she layered SimuLinen’s Pink Dots Guest Towels and Magenta Dinner Napkins.

SimuLinen Magenta Dinner Napkins and Pink Dots Guest Hand Towels
SimuLinen Magenta Dinner Napkins and Pink Dots Guest Hand Towels layered for a GLAM table.


Speaking of texture, in colder months, she put sheepskin rugs on the benches for added layer of texture. I just love that idea!

Sheepskin rugs add texture to the table.
Sheepskin rugs on the benches add texture to the table.


Set the spacing of the settings by adding the plates. Angela Chantell got this versatile set of dishes from Ikea. The pale pink color, surprisingly, works for most holidays throughout the year. It’s a set and has everything you need, plus it’s inexpensive ($34.99)!

Glam table by Angela Chantell Interiors, photos by Silhouettes + Stories


Add large focal points down the middle of the runner. Vases are always a good option and give the table some height and you’re able to add greenery or flowers for more texture and color. It’s always fun to have gorgeous flowers on the table but that can be very expensive. “One thing I love to do is bring my outside in to my table. Most of us have something we can cut outside; we just have to look for it. For this table I used pompous grass I found growing outside. Once you place the vases you can add candles between them. I added in two glass domes with candles between the vases for another bit of texture. Can you tell I love texture? Once your large items are in place, it’s much easier to add other accessories to give the table dimension.”


Finally, tie design elements into the rest of the room. The last touch is to make the rest of the room accentuate the table. create a style worthy room that is often overlooked, is to tie in design elements cascading to the floor. You could use a glass jug and add to it the greenery that is on the table or you could tie in the color of the table in the windows like this flower curtain.

Flower curtain Angela Chantell and SimuLinen
Flower curtains help incorporate the Glam theme into the room photo by Silhouettes + Stories


Is this table gorgeous, or what?! Thanks so much for sharing your tips, Angela Chantell! I’ve always loved setting a beautiful table but often struggle to make it all look cohesive. This step by step guide will ensure my next table will (hopefully) be as gorgeous as yours!

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