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How Much to Serve at Thanksgiving

How Much to Serve at Thanksgiving

I don’t know about you, but every single time I have people over for dinner I call my mom and ask her how much I should make of each dish. I’m from a very large family so I’m used to cooking for several people, so somehow hosting a smaller number of people makes it even harder for me to figure out how much to make. Knowing how much too serve at Thanksgiving stresses me out even more because being a Southern girl I learned that food is one of the love languages so we definitely cannot run out of food for Thanksgiving. That would be like running out of love! The problem with a Southern girl hosting Thanksgiving is that we tent to have so much “love” that we eat left overs for weeks, until my husband tells me he never wants to eat it again.

Imagine the stress I have thinking about Thanksgiving this year as it will be the first Thanksgiving for me to host my husband’s family at our home. As much as I adore my in-laws, I still feel pressure to make it the best Thanksgiving they’ve ever celebrated. Even with the pressure I’m quite excited, and this year I’m determined we won’t be eating left overs in some variation until Christmas. Thanks to this chart I saw from Whole Foods I knew this might actually be the year we won’t have a freezer full of turkey and stuffing begging to be eaten. I hope that you find this chart below useful, too. May you always know how much to serve at Thanksgiving and may you only have the leftovers you want to have!


Cheat sheet for how much to serve for your Thanksgiving Dinner. This just might be the year we don’t eat leftovers for weeks!
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