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So Much More than Fancy Disposable Napkins!

So Much More than Fancy Disposable Napkins!

Have you ever seen a product and wondered how it came to be, or wondered who are the people behind the product and the brand? It’s not often that I think about that, but sometimes someone will say, “Did you know…” about a company and it ends up being a pretty cool story.

Well, SimuLinen has one of those pretty cool stories, at least I think so! SimuLinen So Much More than fancy disposable napkins. We are a small, minority-owned, family business. In 2002, Jackson Min started a side business selling disposable napkins online just to help a friend establish his e-commerce website business. These napkins started selling like hotcakes. One day Jackson had a light bulb moment realized that if he actually focused on selling the napkins he could quit his day job.

Jackson’s dad had a great idea (His name is Solomon, so he should have lots of good ideas!). We should put something on the napkin to make it stand out. The Single Rose was born… well, printed, I guess. It’s amazing, when people ask me where I work I say, “SimuLinen. Have you ever eaten at a sushi restaurant and seen the disposable napkins with a rose…?” Before I can even finish my sentence they finish it for me. Everyone I talk to in the Northeast seems to know about our Single Rose Napkin! How fun is that? Thanks for the wisdom, Solomon!

The Single Rose that started it all

Sushi restaurants all over New York City and surrounding areas are loving the Single Rose Napkin, as are Italian and Chinese restaurants as well as many others. Jackson decided he needed to sell more types of disposable napkins so he added the Double Rose Napkin and guest towels/ bathroom hand towels, and many plain white disposable napkins. This year we’re introducing a new line of napkins that people are buying for home and catering use. All of our napkins are made of high quality airlaid paper, making them super absorbent and incredibly convenient. (OH! They are also very pretty) 🙂 These aren’t your typical grocery store napkins, either. You have to see them, you will just love them!

The product line keeps growing, but Jackson makes sure to keep things efficient. The office is small and there are only a few employees. Jackson thinks this is important because with the ever-changing economy he never wants to have to have lay-offs like many companies experience. We appreciate that, Jackson!

We’d love for you to try our napkins and see why all of us here at SimuLinen love our products and our company.


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