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How to Be a Gracious Party Guest

How to Be a Gracious Party Guest


The holidays are here and parties are in full swing, but it’s never too late to have a quick refresher of party etiquette. We all want to be gracious guests, but sometimes it’s hard to remember how to handle certain situations.

First and foremost, always RSVP. To be a gracious guest, it is important to RSVP for the party within one week of the invitation. Remember, only reply for the guests on the invitation; it is impolite to include other not directly invited by the hosts.

They are not required, but if you choose to give the hosts a gift, the best options are consumable, such as chocolates, wines or lovely guest towels or napkins. Make sure to add a personal note with the gift.

Talk to people you don’t know. Compliments are great ways to start conversations. Everyone appreciates a compliment and they tend to set people at east.

Avoid grinches, gossips and gross-mannered people and their conversations. When you’re approached by an unpleasant person or someone wanting to have a less than merry conversation, it is best to avoid them. Be polite but find a way to excuse yourself. Parties can quickly become less than festive when inappropriate conversations are had.

Many schedules make it difficult to stay the length of a party and it is often quite tempting to just slip out unnoticed but be sure to always say goodbye to the hosts. This is the most polite way to leave, but it will also prevent everyone from wondering where you are. It is not necessary to make your way around the room and say goodbye to everyone, but please make sure to tell your hosts.

Remember to follow up with a hand written thank you note after the party. This does not need to be lengthy, three lines is sufficient, but please, do not send an email as it is quite dismissive and impersonal.

Have fun and enjoy the merriment of this season!

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