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Graduation Party Essentials

Graduation Party Essentials

Here at SimuLinen, we would like to give a huge congratulations to all the 2024 Grads! As a 2024 college graduate myself, I know how stressful party planning can be. That is why I would like to offer a list of party essentials!

Who doesn’t enjoy a round of karaoke with their friends? This mini karaoke machine is small enough for easy storage for future parties and events. It offers wireless Bluetooth connection, and even includes 6 different voice-changing effects! Goof around with your friends with the robot voice, or my personal favorite: the chipmunk voice.

SimuLinen Cocktail & Beverage Napkins
A yummy dinner needs the best napkins to accompany it. The right napkin is more important than people may think. Our paper party napkins are not just any ordinary napkin. These are high quality paper napkins that are absorbent, yet soft on the face. Once you use our luxury paper napkins, you will never go back to those other store-bought napkins. SimuLinen carries a huge array of colors, so you are certain to find your school colors! Our napkins always use food safe ink, and are Kosher Certified. Our Signature Color Dinner Napkins match our beverage napkins perfectly, so you can have both of your school colors!

A Delicious Dinner Buffet
Having a few different foods is essential to make sure every party guest can enjoy something. Barbecue is definitely my go-to when I think of any outdoor celebration. Not many people can resist a delicious burger or a hotdog. My favorite, admittedly very messy, meal is a rack of ribs smothered in tangy barbecue sauce. And let me tell you, our napkins get the job done. No matter how much you get all over your hands and face, one of our dinner napkins is all you need! With our competitors, you would need at least three napkins to even begin cleaning your face.

These little cupcake toppers are absolutely adorable! They are shaped as mini graduation caps and come with a tassel on them, doubling as a party favor!

Party Favors
At the end of the party, it is always important to thank your guests for coming! These graduation cap party favors double as an adorable table centerpiece, so you won’t have to worry about finding an extra spot to put them! And less cleanup for you at the end of the night ;). They come in several colors to fit the theme of your party.

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