10″ x 10″ SimuLinen Cocktail and Party Napkins Beverage Napkins- light Blue


Your search for the perfect cocktail napkin is over!

No matter the occasion weather it?s a birthday, wedding, or a baby shower you?re going to want to make it special. SimuLinen?s Cloth-Like Cocktail Napkins are thicker, stronger, softer and more absorbent than most you?ll find on the market. They are perfect for serving cocktails, appetizers, desserts and great for quick clean ups. Our beverage napkins are simple and elegant, in a variety of colors to choose from. Mix and match the colors or coordinate with a pattern. Pair them with SimuLinen?s Dinner Napkins for a well-coordinated party and table setting.

SimuLinen?s beautifully designed cocktail napkins are even better than the cloth ones. Each package contains either 25 or 250 premium quarter fold 10?x10? Airlaid Napkins made and printed to the highest industry standards.


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Your search for the perfect dinner napkin is over!

Have you ever wondered why restaurants use cloth napkins? They are usually stiff, sometimes they smell a little funny, they are rough on your mouth when you have to wipe it too often and they are definitely not absorbent. But the only other option is those cheap paper napkins, right? Wrong! The best napkins on the market are SimuLinen’s napkins! They are not only for restaurant and catering use, they are also for home use! They are bigger, thicker, stronger, more absorbent and softer than the nice napkins you can get from other manufacturers. Special Airlaid technology gives extra thickness and absorbency to the napkin. They are so absorbent and much softer than cloth napkins or 2-ply napkins.

SimuLinen’s Napkins are:

– Soft enough to use even on the most sensitive mouth.
– The most absorbent disposable napkin on the market.
– Packaged in strong cellophane with perforated opening allowing for easy opening and storage .
– Made of completely bio-degradable and recyclable material which allows ease of mind to eco-friendly consumers.
– SimuLinen’s napkins are a cost effective, yet elegant replacement to linen. You will not be disappointed!

Order now, and when you do, consider getting another box for your mother, friend, as a teacher gift, for holiday gift-giving, or even to keep on hand for a last minute hostess gift.

SimuLinen was founded in 2002 and is proud to offer disposable tabletop products for home use as well as for the food service, hospitality and health care industries.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in



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