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by Megan on SimuLinen

Wonderful, fast service. Beautiful napkins! I will be delighted to have them used at my wedding. Thank you!

by Jessica on SimuLinen

Once again I had another party for one of my many children where I had simulinen products. I only bought one stack of the napkins I used and when I put them out I was thinking how silly that was and how I was going to run out before the party ended. After the party was all over I still had leftover napkins because no one had to use more than one! Once again I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of Simulinen products! Thanks!

by Rebekah on SimuLinen

LOVE these napkins. I use them as guest towels as well. They do clean up chores miraculously but they are so pretty I hate to use them as such. Amazing quality. Very much worth the price!!

by Jessica on SimuLinen

These were used at a party I recently went to and they were beautiful. They also last where as with many napkins you will need multiple, you only need one! I definitely plan to use these at my next nice party! i think I may even put them in the bathroom when guests come over instead of the regular paper towels!

by Jane on SimuLinen

I absolutely love these napkins!! High quality, super absorbent, and incredibly soft!! I highly recommend these for any occasion!

by Brian on SimuLinen

These are great! They even do well when using them with kids and are absorbent. But they look nice too! I’ve liked all of SimuLinens products that I have used!

by Ann on SimuLinen

I'm the type of person who loves my food to be very saucy, which means I usually need several napkins a dinner because I can only wipe my hands on one so many times before they are saturated or are ripping apart. SimuLinen's disposable napkins are great! One napkin is all I need. They stand up to the BBQ sauce and ribs. Bonus is they don't leave lint like other paper dinner napkins do!

by Lu on SimuLinen

I saw the Single Rose napkin in a restaurant downtown and it was like no other napkins I've used before. These are much more absorbent, much softer and don't leave lint on clothes. I knew I had to have them for my restaurant. I ordered a few boxes to try them out and now I will never go back to cloth. These are so much better in every way! My customers notice the difference, too!

by Lynn on SimuLinen

A friend sent me some of the Anton Green napkins as a gift. My first thought was, "Interesting gift..." but then when I opened the package I immediately understood why she sent me these. They are super cute, so much stronger than the napkins we typically have at home and they not only keep us clean during our meals, but we also use them to clean up afterwards! Then we toss them in the recycle bin. LOVE THEM!

by Nick on SimuLinen

I switched to these napkins a few years ago. They are a little more expensive than the 2-ply but they are prettier and our customers use a lot fewer per person, so SimuLinen ends up being cheaper per table than the other napkins. Great deal, we won't ever switch back to the cheap stuff!

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