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Summer Parties and Decorative Napkins for 2015

Summer Parties and Decorative Napkins for 2015

It’s Time for Summer Parties!

Looking through all the decorating and lifestyle magazines, it looks like this summer could be called the “Summer of Color”. From what I can see, this summer will be bold. The brighter the better, which is fine with me!

SimuLinen 2015 summer white decorative napkin
This picture makes me want to plan my first dinner party of the summer!

I’m not sure how your winter was, but here in New Jersey it was brutal. Besides the bitter, frigid temperatures, it was gray and black. I don’t mean the NYC kind of gray and black that’s trendy, but the dirty, dingy, gloomy kind. So when I saw the color trends for this summer’s fun activities, winter now seems like a small price to pay for such a fun and lively season that’s upon us!

My favorite article I’ve seen lately is from Domino. This article features bright, colorful decorations and place settings while the decorative napkins are actually plain. Who knew? I’ve had a tendency to try to dress up a table by using printed cloth napkins, but this setting is gorgeous and these decorative napkins are actually plain white and the perfect touch. This proves that napkins don’t have to be loud to make a statement.

As much as I love throwing a dinner party though, I just can’t stand the clean-up. Add to that being a Southern girl at heart, until recently I’d have never considered using paper dinner napkins for a party. That was, until I saw these disposable napkins. They are elegant, yet simple. They let the decor and the food speak for themselves, and they practically clean up after themselves. When the party’s over, this will be the easiest part to clean up, no laundering needed, just toss them into the trash or compost bin!

Here are Domino’s tips on prepping for the perfect party:

SimuLinen 2015 tips entertaining decorative napkins

Enjoy your parties and send us some pics!

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