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How to Be a Gracious Party Guest

Elegantly lit holiday dinner table with wine glasses and white ribboned gift

The holidays are here and parties are in full swing, but it’s never too late to have a quick refresher of party etiquette. We all want to be gracious guests, but sometimes it’s hard to remember how to handle certain situations.

First and foremost, always RSVP. To be a gracious guest, it is important to RSVP for the party within one week of the invitation. Remember, only reply for the guests on the invitation; it is impolite to include other not directly invited by the hosts.

They are not required, but if you choose to give the hosts a gift, the best options are consumable, such as chocolates, wines or lovely guest towels or napkins. Make sure to add a personal note with the gift.

Talk to people you don’t know. Compliments are great ways to start conversations. Everyone appreciates a compliment and they tend to set people at east.

Avoid grinches, gossips and gross-mannered people and their conversations. When you’re approached by an unpleasant person or someone wanting to have a less than merry conversation, it is best to avoid them. Be polite but find a way to excuse yourself. Parties can quickly become less than festive when inappropriate conversations are had.

Many schedules make it difficult to stay the length of a party and it is often quite tempting to just slip out unnoticed but be sure to always say goodbye to the hosts. This is the most polite way to leave, but it will also prevent everyone from wondering where you are. It is not necessary to make your way around the room and say goodbye to everyone, but please make sure to tell your hosts.

Remember to follow up with a hand written thank you note after the party. This does not need to be lengthy, three lines is sufficient, but please, do not send an email as it is quite dismissive and impersonal.

Have fun and enjoy the merriment of this season! 




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So Much to Be Thankful for!

So Very Thankful

Thanksgiving is wonderful for so many reasons: joyful time with family and friends, great food, fun shopping with great deals. The most wonderful and important part of Thanksgiving is just that, giving thanks. We all have so much to be thankful for, and sometimes we are so busy we forget to ponder the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

During this thankful season, we pause to reflect on the blessings we experience every day and those we have had throughout the year. So, with this reflection, we want to thank YOU.  Thank you for appreciating the SimuLinen difference and choosing SimuLinen over other brands. Thank you for continuing to help share our product with your friends and family. And thank you for your support throughout the year.

The SimuLinen Team wishes you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving season. May you, too, have a moment to reflect on the blessings of the year.


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How Much to Serve at Thanksgiving

I don’t know about you, but every single time I have people over for dinner I call my mom and ask her how much I should make of each dish. I’m from a very large family so I’m used to cooking for several people, so somehow hosting a smaller number of people makes it even harder for me to figure out how much to make. Knowing how much too serve at Thanksgiving stresses me out even more because being a Southern girl I learned that food is one of the love languages so we definitely cannot run out of food for Thanksgiving. That would be like running out of love! The problem with a Southern girl hosting Thanksgiving is that we tent to have so much “love” that we eat left overs for weeks, until my husband tells me he never wants to eat it again.

Imagine the stress I have thinking about Thanksgiving this year as it will be the first Thanksgiving for me to host my husband’s family at our home. As much as I adore my in-laws, I still feel pressure to make it the best Thanksgiving they’ve ever celebrated. Even with the pressure I’m quite excited, and this year I’m determined we won’t be eating left overs in some variation until Christmas. Thanks to this chart I saw from Whole Foods I knew this might actually be the year we won’t have a freezer full of turkey and stuffing begging to be eaten. I hope that you find this chart below useful, too. May you always know how much to serve at Thanksgiving and may you only have the leftovers you want to have!


How Much to Serve at Thanksgiving
Cheat sheet for how much to serve for your Thanksgiving Dinner. This just might be the year we don’t eat leftovers for weeks!
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Setting the Table for Thanksgiving

These days I find it rare that we sit down at a table to eat, let alone actually set the table before we sit down. This might be one reason I’m very excited about hosting my little family for our Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. We will have a bigger Thanksgiving celebration a couple of days later when my brother-in-law and his new wife can join us, but we can’t let the official holiday slip past us without notice.
Planning for Thanksgiving started for me back in August, I think… probably because I was a project manager in my earlier career. This has been both a blessing and a curse as I find myself planning events months ahead. My sweet mother-in-law just laughs and says, “It’s still a long time away, don’t worry about it yet!” But I do. I did. Until now, when it’s not so far away. Now that Thanksgiving is THIS MONTH(!!!) I get to plan all I want! No more “worry” now, it’s full speed ahead planning mode!
I don’t know what I’m more excited about: Decorating the table, Setting the table  or all of the food!
I wrote a blog here for decorating ideas in case you need a few ideas. Just don’t stress about the decor, relax and look for easy, inexpensive ways to make the table look amazing and festive! And if, like me, you’re wondering about the best way to set the table, here’s a great guide below.
Doesn’t this just make you want to practice this weekend? My husband will probably appreciate this blog as I have a feeling dinner time will look a little nicer this weekend.
Most importantly, remember, Thanksgiving is less about the way everything looks and more about being with people you love and remembering all the blessings of life and this past year.
I sure hope this helps you set your Thanksgiving table!
Happy Thanksgiving!
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SimuLinen’s Seasonal Napkins on Sale!

Here at SimuLinen we are loving this fall weather and all the changes this season brings. With this new weather we need to make space for the new napkins. Lucky you! All of our Seasonal Napkins are on sale for $12. This is a great deal as they retail for $20 per pack. Hurry and get yours because supplies are limited.

All seasonal napkins on sale!
All of SimuLinen’s seasonal napkins on sale, hurry and get yours, the supplies are limited!

Click for Seasonal Napkins

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Make Fall Entertaining Easier with Flat-Pack Napkins!

Wow, have you felt the cool in the air and smelled the crisp hints of fall? We sure have up here and I’m loving it! I keep thinking about all the fun fall activities I can get myself into. We are going apple picking on Saturday and will carve pumpkins on Sunday. Next weekend I’ve decided we have to have people over so I can decorate the table all fancy like I have been seeing in all the magazines. I just love the fall!

As I was browsing through the magazines and searching Pinterest for all the fall decorating tips I started wondering why I don’t decorate for the seasons. I realized two of the biggest reasons I don’t are 1) money – I don’t want to spend money on things I will only use for a few weeks; 2) storage – I don’t want to own a bunch of seasonal things I have to find storage space for. I just don’t have enough space as it is.

Here are two of the inspirational tables I saw:

fall table settings
I love the white plates as many people have them at home already! SimuLinen’s disposable Brown Flat-Pack napkins are the perfect napkins for this setting!
These plain white napkins are so simple, they let the pumpkins and squashes take the spotlight

As I was looking at the pictures I realized that I don’t have to make my table look EXACTLY like theirs, I can use it as a general guideline and make it MINE! I can also take ideas I like about one table and marry them with parts I like of another table. Here are my pictures:

I'm using squash from the neighborhood market, the China we got from our wedding and SimuLinen's burgundy flat-pack napkins.
I’m using squash from the neighborhood market, the dishes we got from our wedding and SimuLinen’s Burgundy Flat Pack napkins.

Yesterday I ran into Dollar Tree to see if I could get something for my fall table. I got that “vine” for $1 and then I went to a little market and bought those squashes (which will be dinner next week). The table cloth is just a drop cloth I bought a few months ago at Home Depot and hadn’t used yet. The Gold Runner is SimuLinen’s disposable table runner and the pretty burgundy napkins are SimuLinen’s disposable Burgundy Flat-Pack.

Aren't these leaf bowls the cutest? I thought they would be fun to have and I found a cheaper version of them in Dollar Store!
Aren’t these leaf bowls the cutest? I thought they would be fun to have and I found a cheaper version of them in Dollar Store!
I love these brown napkins, they can be folded anyway you want and really compliment the setting.
I love these brown napkins, they can be folded anyway you want and really compliment the setting.

Here’s another setting I did. Again, I just used the drop cloth for the table cloth and a piece of fabric I had in my fabric closet. The plates were ours and all I bought for this setting was the green leaf bowl and the pumpkins – $1 each! I love these Brown Flat-Pack napkins because they are so versatile. Brown goes with so much, and I can fold the napkins anyway I want! Even better, look closely at them… they don’t look disposable at all! SimuLinen has several flat pack colors to choose from and they are all 16″x16″. They are definitely a strong go-to option as they come un-folded so you can fold them any way you like. As with all the SimuLinen products, they are always disposable, super absorbent and soft!

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7 Tips for an Easy Baby Shower

7 Tips for an Easy Baby Shower

I’m not sure what was happening a few months ago, maybe it was the super frigid winter or Valentine’s Day or maybe just something in the water, but all of a sudden it’s time for lots of sweet babies to start coming! Without thinking about it I can count 8 friends who are about to have new babies – what a fun time!

With all the baby showers to plan I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of what needs to be done, in the smartest order, so I can think clearly about each shower while I’m planning it.

  1. Theme: Besides the date, I’d say the first step would be to decide on a theme. Is your friend having a boy or a girl? Will it be a co-ed shower or just ladies who are invited? Does the mom have a specific nursery theme that you’d like to use? I like to keep it simple. This first shower I’m going to throw is for a baby girl. We are going to use white and light pink as the theme.
  2. Invitations: Now that you have the theme, how are you going to invite people? Typically people receive invitations in the mail, which is nice as they can be put in the baby book, and they set the tone of the shower. Etsy has some really fun shower invitations. Don’t you just love these?baby shower invitations
  3. Decorations: Look to the invitations for inspiration for the decorations. Use the colors, and the design. For this shower, with the sweet invitations above, we will stick with white and pink, add a little gray here and there and throw in some flowers as the main decorations. *Hint* SimuLinen has high-end disposable napkins, table cloths and table runners – they are AMAZING! They’re relatively inexpensive and make cleanup such a breeze! These are so much more economical and absorbent than cloth napkins. Add a flower or baby rattle and make the napkins part of the decor.

    White disposable napkins are great, just tie a ribbon around and/or add a flower, or rattle and they are perfect!
    White disposable napkins are great, just tie a ribbon around and/or add a flower, or rattle and they are perfect!
  4. Food: Keep it simple. Time of day will help determine the food, but personally, I love a shower at brunch time: muffins, mini quiches, banana bread, fruit and cupcakes or a cake make a lovely brunch, and they are all relatively easy to make. I’ve also been to a shower with an oatmeal bar – oatmeal, brown sugar, milk, granola, craisins, etc. I think it was my favorite part of brunch! Add a yummy juice concoction (OJ and cranberry juice is a delish!) and some coffee and you’re done!
  5. Schedule: Generally speaking, showers should last about 2 hours. If the invitation says the party starts at 10, then at 10:05 you should get people to start eating, this way it’s not obvious when guests who are a little late slip in. Games should come right after the food and then the gifts. If the shower runs long, people can slip out during the gifts.
  6. Guests: Have you ever been to a shower and the new Mom was the only one you knew? I have. Not so much fun at first. My suggestion: Name Tags (no, seriously!) Have all the guests write their first name and then one word telling how they know the new Mom, for example: “Kate, running”. Now it’s so much easier for less outgoing people to introduce each other and ask something about each other. “Hi Kate, so you run with Liz?” And there ya go… a conversation has started. 🙂
  7. ENJOY!!!: Throwing a shower can be stressful, but once everything is set up and the guests arrive, relax and enjoy the celebration! What a great gift you’ve given by throwing her a shower, step back and watch her face as her friends and loved ones talk to her and celebrate this new chapter in her life! She will always remember this time with great joy.


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Summer Bundle Giveaway: Fancy Paper Napkins

Our Summer Bundle Giveaway!!

fancy dinner napkins
SimuLinen’s Summer Giveaway! Enter to win the Summer Bundle: 50ct Anton Red Dinner Napkins and our Red Table Runner! Perfect for the summer BBQs!

Can you believe we’re half way through July!?! I sure can’t! I just want the summer to slow down a little bit. I want to spend more time with friends and family, eating light, summery food, talking, relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Don’t you just love summer time!

Yesterday I was looking at some of our fun, summer-ish, fancy paper napkins and thought about how we need to have another BBQ, invite people over and just relax and enjoy being outside. The number of weekends left in the summer is getting smaller, we need to enjoy then while we can.

As I was thinking about why we haven’t had many parties this summer, I realized one of the reasons I don’t invite people over more often is because of all the cleanup needed after everyone leaves. I know my husband likes to have everything cleaned up before we go to bed, so I’m pooped by the time it’s all cleaned up. Do you find this to be a problem for you, too? Parties got so much easier with SimuLinen’s fancy dinner napkins and disposable table runners! They are not only decorative, they are also absorbent and disposable, too! Once  I started using SimuLinen’s napkins for parties, cleanup got so much easier and the parties seemed so much more fun.

To share the summer love, we’ve decided to give away our Summer Bundle. This Summer Bundle has a 50 ct package of the Anton Red napkins and a roll of the Red Table runners. With this Summer Bundle, not only is the cleanup a cinch, your table will be festive and ready for friends. Now go plan a BBQ and invite your favorite friends. Have them all bring a dish and your after-party-cleanup just got even easier!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Quick Dessert for your Independence Day BBQ


Perfect Berry Trifle for Independence Day Celebrations
Perfect Berry Trifle for Independence Day Celebrations

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about what to take to my in-laws’ annual Fourth of July Fireworks party. My in-laws are very easy-going and they keep telling me not to take anything. Being a Southern girl, it’s just not possible to go to a party and not take anything. Ya’ll know what I mean?

Since my favorite food group is dessert, it just seems an obvious choice. I want it to be festive so it needs to be red, white and blue, but it also needs to be easy to transport. What better dessert than a berry trifle?

This is probably one of the easiest and most delicious recipes I’ve ever made. So, if you need to take a dessert to your Independence Day celebration but are scared of the kitchen or don’t have any time, this will be a big win for everyone!

This recipe can be as pre-made or as home made as you want.

What you need:

  • 1 trifle dish
  • 3 cups of berries (I will use about 3 cups of blueberries and 3 cups of sliced strawberries, but raspberries would be great, too!)
  • 6 cups of Whipped cream (I am trying to use fewer processed foods in my diet so I’m going to make my own whipped cream with just a tiny bit of powdered sugar, but you can definitely use Cool Whip or any other brand of whipped cream in a tub. Just don’t use whipped cream in a can; it doesn’t work as well.)
  • 1 pan of brownies or cake (It doesn’t matter which you chose, either will taste amazing! Last time I made this using brownies. This year I’m going to use a gluten-free pound cake or gluten-free brownies. Angel food cake would be delish as well!)
  • Friends to help you eat it (Or, you just might eat it all – it’s that good!)

What to do:

  • Break up the cake/brownie into bite-sized pieces and put 1/3 of it in the bottom of the trifle dish
  • Pour 1/3 of the blueberries on top of the brownie layer
  • Add 1/3 of the strawberry slices on top of the blue berry layer
  • Spread 2 cups of the whipped cream on top of the strawberries
  • Repeat the above steps until you have 3 layers of each
  • ENJOY!!!
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So Much More than Fancy Disposable Napkins!

Have you ever seen a product and wondered how it came to be, or wondered who are the people behind the product and the brand? It’s not often that I think about that, but sometimes someone will say, “Did you know…” about a company and it ends up being a pretty cool story.

Well, SimuLinen has one of those pretty cool stories, at least I think so! SimuLinen So Much More than fancy disposable napkins. We are a small, minority-owned, family business. In 2002, Jackson Min started a side business selling disposable napkins online just to help a friend establish his e-commerce website business. These napkins started selling like hotcakes. One day Jackson had a light bulb moment realized that if he actually focused on selling the napkins he could quit his day job.

Jackson’s dad had a great idea (His name is Solomon, so he should have lots of good ideas!). We should put something on the napkin to make it stand out. The Single Rose was born… well, printed, I guess. It’s amazing, when people ask me where I work I say,  “SimuLinen. Have you ever eaten at a sushi restaurant and seen the disposable napkins with a rose…?” Before I can even finish my sentence they finish it for me. Everyone I talk to in the Northeast seems to know about our Single Rose Napkin! How fun is that? Thanks for the wisdom, Solomon!

Single Rose Napkin
The Single Rose that started it all

Sushi restaurants all over New York City and surrounding areas are loving the Single Rose Napkin, as are Italian and Chinese restaurants as well as many others. Jackson decided he needed to sell more types of disposable napkins so he added the Double Rose Napkin and guest towels/ bathroom hand towels, and many plain white disposable napkins. This year we’re introducing a new line of napkins that people are buying for home and catering use. All of our napkins are made of high quality airlaid paper, making them super absorbent and incredibly convenient. (OH! They are also very pretty) 🙂 These aren’t your typical grocery store napkins, either. You have to see them, you will just love them!

The product line keeps growing, but Jackson makes sure to keep things efficient. The office is small and there are only a few employees. Jackson thinks this is important because with the ever-changing economy he never wants to have to have lay-offs like many companies experience. We appreciate that, Jackson!

We’d love for you to try our napkins and see why all of us here at SimuLinen love our products and our company.


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Summer Parties and Decorative Napkins for 2015

It’s Time for Summer Parties!

Looking through all the decorating and lifestyle magazines, it looks like this summer could be called the “Summer of Color”. From what I can see, this summer will be bold. The brighter the better, which is fine with me!

SimuLinen 2015 summer white decorative napkin
This picture makes me want to plan my first dinner party of the summer!

I’m not sure how your winter was, but here in New Jersey it was brutal. Besides the bitter, frigid temperatures, it was gray and black. I don’t mean the NYC kind of gray and black that’s trendy, but the dirty, dingy, gloomy kind. So when I saw the color trends for this summer’s fun activities, winter now seems like a small price to pay for such a fun and lively season that’s upon us!

My favorite article I’ve seen lately is from Domino. This article features bright, colorful decorations and place settings while the decorative napkins are actually plain. Who knew? I’ve had a tendency to try to dress up a table by using printed cloth napkins, but this setting is gorgeous and these decorative napkins are actually plain white and the perfect touch. This proves that napkins don’t have to be loud to make a statement.

As much as I love throwing a dinner party though, I just can’t stand the clean-up. Add to that being a Southern girl at heart, until recently I’d have never considered using paper dinner napkins for a party. That was, until I saw these disposable napkins. They are elegant, yet simple. They let the decor and the food speak for themselves, and they practically clean up after themselves. When the party’s over, this will be the easiest part to clean up, no laundering needed, just toss them into the trash or compost bin!

Here are Domino’s tips on prepping for the perfect party:

SimuLinen 2015 tips entertaining decorative napkins

Enjoy your parties and send us some pics!