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Ironing Disposable Dinner Napkins

Wedding season is just around the corner, which means that brides all over the country are in the thick of wedding planning. We get calls and emails every day with questions about SimuLinen’s disposable dinner napkins. One of the most surprising questions we got a couple of years ago has become one of our most popular questions… “Can SimuLinen napkins be ironed?” At first I was surprised, why would anyone want to iron disposable dinner napkins? They come perfectly folded, in a nice box, ready to be put straight on the table.

However, table-scapes have become hugely popular, especially for formal parties and weddings. We have discovered that there are many times that the napkins’ creases interfere with special napkin folds brides wanted for their table-scapes.

Surprisingly, you can iron SimuLinen’s Disposable Dinner Napkins in a few simple steps.

I also started taking more pictures of our napkins and realized how versatile they are, especially without the fold creases so I tried ironing them. Since our napkins are not a typical disposable paper napkin, they are perfect for ironing. I iron them just like I would a cotton dress shirt.

Lightly spray the napkin with clean water to help get the creases out.

I set my iron temperature to high and I spray my napkin with water, focusing on the creases, to make sure the iron will get the crease out. The most important thing is to make sure that the iron doesn’t stay in one spot too long; as with the cotton dress shirt, leaving the iron in one place too long will cause the napkin to burn.

Set the heat on high but keep the iron moving.

You can always watch the video to see how I iron solid-colored dinner napkins. When I iron napkins with printed designs I do it a little differently as the ink hasn’t saturated the whole napkin, it is just printed on one side. I always put an old, white pillowcase down on the ironing board and put the printed side of the napkin face down on the pillowcase. This way if there is any color bleeding it will not mess up your ironing board or your iron.

You’re pretty shocked that you can iron SimuLinen’s disposable dinner napkins, aren’t you? Let us know if you’ve tried it and why you needed it ironed. We are always looking for new, fun folds!

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Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

After years and years of being the bridesmaid, my turn finally came 4 years ago. By the time I got engaged I had probably attended over 50 weddings as an adult guest and I can’t even remember how many weddings I’d actually been in.

All those years of hoping and longing for the day it would be my turn weren’t lost as I took lots of great notes about what I did and did not like about different weddings. I kept programs, menus, and favors. I took pictures of table settings and dresses, centerpieces and flowers. I knew that one day, when I finally got married I’d know exactly how I wanted my wedding to be.

On thing I love to do is save money. In fact, my two favorite words are “sale” and “clearance” so when we got engaged, I looked for all kinds of ways to save money. We designed our own wedding programs and used a website to create our save the date cards and invitations. Of course, I’ve always Googled coupons for any site where I am considering ordering something.

Below are some of the ways we saved the most money:

We had a short engagement!

Here in New Jersey the typical engagement is over a year long. Being a Southern girl who was, ahem, a few years older than the typical bride, I wasn’t interested in waiting another year to become Jackson’s Mrs. Our engagement was only four months and four days long. This meant we had to find good deals and make decisions quickly. We didn’t have time to keep adding on more and more things to our wedding.


We got married on a Friday.

Listen, I’m the first one to get annoyed by a Friday wedding. It means that I must take at least half a day off work, if it’s a local wedding. However, this was the biggest, most memorable day of my life and I needed to make sure it was good for Jackson and me.

Turned out, with our venue, getting married on a Friday was about 20% cheaper per person less than getting married on a Saturday. Also, since our engagement was short, they had one Friday open in the time-frame we wanted, and they wanted to fill it. They told us if we took that date we’d get another 15% off.

We bought our candle stick centerpieces and then sold them after the wedding.I had a 3.5 hour daily commute for work, so I spent my whole commute each day searching the internet for all the things I could buy online. We got married at a venue with a view of NYC and floral centerpieces would have been way too expensive and they would have been over-kill for that room. With all the lights of the city flickering we decided that adding candles to our tables would be the prettiest. Of course, the elegant, three-tiered, glass, floating-candle sticks cost $75 per table to rent but I found them online to purchase for $30 per table! After the wedding we sold them all and made our money back.

We used SimuLinen Disposable Dinner Napkins!

I know what you’re thinking… disposable dinner napkins do not go with a venue overlooking NYC, and elegant glass candlestick centerpieces. This is probably the most shocking thing you’ll discover. Cloth napkins at venues, or provided by caterers, are NOT nice napkins. Their napkins are typically cheap polyester that do not absorb a thing and are rough to the touch. Add to their lack of elegance, the price for renting these cloth napkins can break the bank! On the contrary, SimuLinen’s Signature Colored Dinner Napkins are thick, durable, absorbent and far softer on your mouth. They also come in 21 different colors so there will definitely be one to match your color scheme, AND they are quite reasonably priced.

What I learned from my wedding planning days was that the best ways to save money came from thinking outside the box (purchasing glass candlesticks I could later sell). I didn’t settle for what was expected (Friday night wedding) and I dared to venture away from the norm (disposable dinner napkins). To this day friends still tell us ours was one of the most beautiful and fun weddings they’ve ever attended.

What are ways you’ve saved money for your wedding? Share in the comments so others can use your ideas!